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The Town with a History of Relaxation

Once a thriving seaport, Galveston is a beautiful Texas town with over 30 miles of park beaches located at the crux of the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoying a day outdoors at Galveston Island State Park or touring the Victorian neighborhoods are some of the Galveston activities favored most by visitors to this popular resort town. Whether under the sun, on the water, or relaxing in the shade, Galveston has much to offer the well-traveled visitor.

Everything You Need for That Perfect Vacation

Our Galveston vacation rentals accommodate large and small groups with options ranging from large historic mansions and beachfront homes to more intimate cottages and budget-friendly condos. We want to put guests in the center of it all, which is why many of our locations are convenient to reach downtown Galveston and its surrounding beaches. With so much to see and do, we know you’ll probably spend most of your time enjoying the island, but you’ll find our rentals make it easy to have the comforts of home even when you’re away.

Top Sights in Galveston

Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark

As if there wasn’t enough water to play around in during your visit to Galveston, Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark gives you even more reason to love taking a dip. 26 acres of waterpark fun are available for children of all ages to enjoy. With rides, rivers, kid’s activities, cabanas, and endless food options, including bringing your own picnic, this water oasis is by far one of the top-rated Galveston attractions to visit.

Pleasure Pier

Pleasure Pier—the name says it all. Exhilarating rides, games, shopping and delicious food (plus candy) will keep your entire family entertained for hours at this beachfront fun park. Pier guest passes and all-day ride packs can be purchased at the entrance for an unforgettable experience over the gulf waters of Galveston.

Stewart Beach

Families with vacation rentals in Galveston agree that one of the most popular outdoor activities is to visit Stewart Beach. Lifeguards are on call to make sure everyone can relax and fully enjoy themselves in the water. If you plan on spending the day there, you’ll find amenities such as a party pavilion, concessions, showers, and beach rentals to make your beach day as pleasurable as possible all day long.

Top Experiences in Galveston

See Local Art That Says It All

When you visit Galveston for the first time, you’ll notice numerous tree sculptures lining the streets. These are the remnants of Hurricane Ike, the violent 2008 storm that left Galveston under rushing storm water and littered with uprooted tree trunks. Upon returning to the city, several local artists came together to transform the damaged trees into the sculptures we see today. Experience the charm of these unique art pieces by downloading a self-guided tour map from the internet.

Behold the Broadway Beauties

With over 60 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places, you’ll not want to miss the chance to visit Galveston’s 19th century architectural treasures. Moody’s Mansion, Ashton Villa, and Bishop’s Palace, known affectionately as the “Broadway’s Beauties," are representative of Galveston’s Victorian past. If you want to see more, get the free map of the self-guided walking tour that will take you by an additional 50 historic homes, including the famous Grand 1894 Opera House.

Rig Up a New Experience

If you want to experience something truly unique during your vacation to Galveston, head over to the Ocean Star, a retired jack-up oil rig located on Pier 19. Once you purchase your entry ticket, you’re free to roam the museum on a self-guided tour that will educate you about offshore drilling, oil and gas production, and geology. You’ll also get to see firsthand the equipment needed to drill and dig up precious Texas Tea.