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There’s Always Something Exciting to Do in Tampa

As the second largest metropolitan city in Florida with visitors coming from all over the world to enjoy its warm gulf waters, there are limitless possibilities for things to do in Tampa. Over the last ten years, downtown Tampa has transformed to become a thriving modern neighborhood, bringing new restaurants, shops, and entertainment together with contemporary condominiums right to the heart of this vibrant Florida city. From theme parks, sporting events, zoos, and aquariums to thousands of acres of treasured beaches, there’s fun for everyone just waiting to happen in Tampa.

Find the Perfect Place to Have a Great Vacation

Tampa visitors have a wide range of accommodation options with our vacation rentals including beach homes, city condos and townhouses, quiet bungalows and cottages, sunny beach cabanas and luxury villas. Plus, with our pet friendly and family friendly properties, you’ll always find the right accommodations to fit your perfect vacation. Whether you want to get swept up in the energy of downtown or experience a romantic seaside getaway, you control the way you vacation wherever you go.

Top Sights in Tampa

Tampa Riverwalk

At Tampa Riverwalk, the city’s most popular tourist attraction, there is a special historical monument trail that offers visitors the story of 30 individuals and events that were pivotal in shaping the region. Standing proudly are dozens of bronze busts and monuments that commemorate each local legend. When you’re done visiting these important figures, take the Riverwalk over to order a cool drink at the Sail Pavilion before heading over to the Florida Aquarium.

Tampa’s Architecture

From post-modern to Art Deco, contemporary to historical, Tampa’s wide-ranging architecture styles make it a fascinating place to visit any time of year. With most buildings within walking distance from downtown Tampa, you’ll be able to take in most of the city’s masterpieces without having to lose too much beach time. The most important Tampa attractions to visit for its architectural value include the Tampa Theatre, the Glazer Children’s Museum, the Tampa Museum of Art, and the Henry B. Plant Museum.

Ybor City

Ybor City was once a boomtown for immigrant Cubans, Spanish, and Italians looking to find their fortune in the cigar industry during the early 1900s. Today, these cultures have made Ybor City one of Tampa’s most exciting places to be. Since the Great Depression closed most of the cigar factories, the city has built itself back up, preserving its history as a National Historic Landmark District and setting its sights on the future with new development. Now it’s known as the place to go for dining, entertainment, and nightlife.

Top Experiences in Tampa

Visit the Festival of Parades

From January through March, Tampa puts on the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. It’s a city tradition since 1904. Among the best Tampa attractions to experience, there are three parades held during the festival with The Parade of Pirates being the main event. The Gasparilla Children’s Parade and the Sant’Yago Illuminated Knight Parade are the other two parades that offer their own unique Florida flair.

Treat Your Dog to a Beach Day

Staying in one of our pet-friendly vacation rentals in Tampa means you’ll want to spend at least one beach day with your dog. You’re in luck because Picnic Island Beach Dog Park is like doggy heaven with an off-leash beach where your furry friend can run free all day long. There’s also a children’s area, so everyone can join in and have a blast with a day of play in Florida’s turquoise ocean waters.

Hang Out with Some Big Cats

Cats have a special home in Tampa, especially for larger furry felines who have been mistreated or left behind. Big Cat Rescue is one of the largest accredited cat sanctuaries in the world that rescues and cares for lions, tigers, and… sorry, no bears (but there are bobcats, cougars, and jaguars). You can experience these wild creatures on a guided day tour, a special keeper tour, or a night tour. There’s even a feeding tour for the more courageous visitors. For your safety, all guests must abide by very strict rules and only children 10 years old or older can visit.