Enjoy Coastal Living with Vacation Rentals in Gulf Shores

Visit a Shore That Offers More

Located along the Gulf of Mexico on the southernmost edge of Alabama is Gulf Shores. Once home to a very small fishing community, the area today is populated by a close community of Alabama locals and the influx of summer visitors and snowbirds who visit throughout the year. This coastal city offers families over 32 miles of sandy white coastline and plenty of Gulf Coast activities to enjoy through all seasons.

Being This Close to the Water Never Looked So Good

When you book our vacation rentals, you are free to select from an impressive range of gulf properties including condos, custom homes, townhouses, and luxury penthouses. Our budget friendly residences give you the chance to create the vacation you’ve always dreamed of, so you can experience the Gulf Shores attractions you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re diving and kayaking or going to a music concert or food festival, we want you to trust that your vacation accommodations are taken care of, so you can enjoy every moment of your time on Gulf Shores.

Top Sights in Gulf Shores

The LuLu

Alabama takes care of its divers and The LuLu is the perfect testament to that fact. As the state’s first purpose-sunk shipwreck and the largest artificial reef program in the country, Gulf Shores has provided beginning divers with the ideal setting to practice their skills and earn certification. Divers who are more experienced will still enjoy this dive that allows them to explore deeper, more challenging levels of the wreckage.

Fort Morgan

The Mobile Bay Civil War Trail extends from north Mobile County all the way down to the Gulf Coast, including Fort Morgan, an important stop located at the end of Highway 180 just west of Gulf Shores. History experts will appreciate this pivotal stronghold of the area where cannons were positioned to stand guard during the Battle of Mobile Bay. Outdoor lovers can also enjoy the fort for its serene beaches, pet friendly areas, and recreational fishing.

Sea Turtles

There’s nothing more special than helping a small creature survive. Gulf Shores gives visitors that opportunity with the Share the Beach program. From May to October, hundreds of volunteers take to the beaches of Gulf Shores to help protect newly hatched sea turtles as they make their way to the sea. A charity event is also hosted every March to raise funds and drive awareness for the program with the aim of giving the next generation of sea turtles a higher chance of making it back to the water.

Top Experiences in Gulf Shores

Visit the Biggest Shrimp Festival

To help bring visitors back to the Alabama shoreline in the cooler months, the city decided to hold its first National Shrimp Festival in 1971. Still going strong as one of the most popular things to do in Gulf Shores, the festival draws in at least 200,000 visitors every year. A food boardwalk with shrimp dishes and seafood delicacies of every variety and over 100+ hours of entertainment are offered during the entertaining four-day event.

Bring Everyone Together With Music

Kicking off in May and heading well into the summer months, Gulf Shores becomes the epicenter of beach music festivals. Concerts at the Coast features top music acts the whole family can enjoy while the Hangout Music Festival held at the Gulf Shores Public Beach is the perfect place to gather friends and sing along to your favorite tunes. Concert tickets and vacation rentals in Gulf Shores go fast, so be sure to reserve both early.

Savor Your Best Fishing Skills

If fishing is one of your favorite past times, you’re going to really love the fresh taste of your catch when you cook and eat it that very same day. While many restaurants around the country insist on preparing the fish they catch for you, there are many chefs in Gulf Shores that understand the value of preparing a dish that features your best angling efforts. Directories of chefs that are happy to cook your catch can be found online.