Book a vacation rental to earn a free hotel stay*

For a limited time, book a vacation rental to earn a free hotel stay

Make your next vacation more rewarding. When you book 5 nights or more at a vacation rental on, you’ll earn an extra 13,000 Choice Privileges® points to use toward a free night at more than 5,000 Choice® hotels worldwide. Simply book your stay by May 31, 2020, and enter the promo code FREEHOTEL at checkout to take advantage of this offer.  *View Full Terms & Conditions

Follow these Easy Steps to Earn A Free Night

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Book at least 5 nights at a vacation rental on using the promo code FREEHOTEL.

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Enjoy 13,000 additional Choice Privileges® points to use for a FREE night at a participating Choice® hotel.

Spring into More Vacation Nights

Spring is the perfect season to plan your next vacation—especially when extra Choice Privileges rewards are in the air. We invite you to discover the ideal vacation rental for a weeklong stay. Choose from our most popular vacation ideas and destinations below.