Great for Groups

Group vacations are a great time to build relationships and have fun together. That’s why our vacation rentals are so awesome: there’s enough room for everyone. When you’re traveling with family, friends, and large groups, it’s great to stay under one roof together. Space matters. It’s important to find a place that fits everyone and has plenty of room to socialize. Having your own kitchen allows you to enjoy family dinners without making a reservation at a restaurant. Our properties with game rooms, private pools, and big backyards are perfect for parties, barbecues, and gathering together. Browse our selection of vacation rentals that are great for large groups and plan a getaway with the people you care about.

Bring your whole family to the beach, relax by a private pool with your friends, and enjoy family time that lasts forever. Group getaways are extra special with Vacation Rentals by Choice Hotels™!