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Get more from your vacation rental with the Choice Privileges® Rewards program. When you book a home, townhome, cabin, or condo, you’ll earn 5 or 10 points for every dollar you spend.

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Those points add up fast, so it’s easy to redeem points for rewards, including:
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Free Nights

at properties booked on www.ChoiceVacationRentals.com
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Free hotel stays

at 6,400+ Choice Hotels locations worldwide, including Cambria®, Ascend®, Comfort Inn & Suites®, Sleep Inn®, and Clarion® properties and more
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Digital gift cards

from your favorite retailers and restaurants—delivered instantly to your inbox
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Options to exchange points

exchange for airline miles and cruise lines

The Faster Way to Rewards

With Choice Privileges®, enjoy these benefits and more!

Keep Your Points

Keep Your Points

Your points don't expire as long as you stay an active member...
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Points for Stays

Earn or redeem points at 25,000+ vacation rentals and 6,000+ hotels
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Digital Gift Cards

Redeem points for gift cards to use immediately.

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Redeem for International Getaways!

Exciting Adventures

Exciting Adventures

Enjoy free reward nights in some of the world’s best destinations from the Caribbean and Mexico to Europe and Australia. There are Choice hotels at all the destinations on your must see list.