Booking Your Vacation Rental

Book the Perfect Vacation

We believe that where you stay is as important as the destination you choose to visit. That’s why we've made booking the perfect vacation rental as simple as possible.

With us, the property you see is the property you book. You have the independence of your own home. Before you arrive, you know the size of the kitchen and the color of the ocean outside the window. As you dream of distant horizons, and spending time with the people you love, you can explore thousands of unique places to stay. No matter who you're traveling with, or where you choose to go, you'll find a vacation rental that's perfect for you.

Vacation Rental Booking Tips

Booking a vacation rental is different than booking a hotel room. Because every property is distinct, selection can run out fast. Also, due to fluctuations in the vacation seasons across different destinations, rates can vary greatly depending on the time of year. To help you find the valuable vacation rental, here are some tips to keep in mind when booking.

  • Stay during the off-season for the lowest rates.
  • Create a list of favorites and compare your top properties.
  • Book your property early for the biggest selection.
  • Sign up for our newsletters to stay up to date on specials and featured properties.
  • Follow us on social media to find fun things to do.
  • Check reviews to read about genuine experiences.
  • Stay excited by sharing properties with family and friends.

How to Book your Vacation Rental

No worries, booking is easy.

  • Select a destination and the dates you wish to travel and press search.
  • Select the vacation rental you like from the list by clicking on it.
  • Click the "Book Now" button.
  • Fill out the reservation form with the requested information and press "Submit Reservation."
  • Relax and enjoy!

Booking Process Questions

How do I know if a vacation rental is available?

When you select a check-in and check-out date, the calendar will help you pick the available dates. Unavailable are grayed out. The calendar indicates the minimum number of days that are required for the rental when you select your preferred dates.

How can I tell if a vacation rental is pet-friendly?

If the rental allows pets, you'll see it listed under amenities as "pet-friendly." You can also filter search results to include only rentals with the "pet-friendly" amenity. If a pet policy is not mentioned for a rental property, you can always contact the local management company to get more information on their pet policies.

Who do I contact if I have questions about a specific rental property?

We selected a network of local property managers who are our experts about the rental properties and the local area. They're your best resource for questions about a specific rental; you can find information about how to contact the local management company on the property page just below the description.

Can I see the vacation rental in person before I reserve it?

To help you see what makes each rental unique, we offer a range of photos. If you'd like to arrange to see the rental in person, we contact the local management company.

Why don't you display the exact address for a vacation rental?

We take guest security very seriously, so we don't give out the exact rental location until you reserve the unit. We do, however include an approximate location as indicated on the map so you can get a sense of the area where you'd be staying.

Can I contact the vacation rental owner directly?

We selected a network of local management companies who are experts for each rental and the local area. They're your best resource for questions about a specific rental; you can find information about how to contact the local management company on the property page just below the description.

Reservation Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Amoco, and JCB.

Where do I find the final cost of the rental?

We let you know the full price of a rental before you make a booking decision. After selecting your dates, the grand total, including all taxes and fees will be visible on the property page just above the "Book Now" button. To see the itemized pricing detail, just click the "detailed price" link below the total price.

When will I be charged for my reservation?

Because each rental is unique, payment policies will vary by rental property. Depending upon the rental property and management company, the policy may feature:

  • Full payment due at check-out.
  • Partial payment due at check-out.
  • Full payment due sometime after check-out.
  • Don't worry, we'll let you know what the policy for each rental is before you book. On each rental property page, you'll find the payment options for each rental listed under the "Policies." Rental payment terms are also defined in the rental agreement, which is available on the "Make Your Reservation" page just before check-out.

What is your refund policy?

Refund and cancellation policies vary by management company and are defined under the "Policies" div on each rental property page.

Where can I find my check-in/check-out time?

You'll find all of the details about your vacation rental stay, including check-in and check-out, in a few different places. First, check-in and check-out times are listed within the Terms and Conditions found on the checkout page before booking. You can also find this information in the pre-arrival email you'll receive prior to your stay. But as always, if you cannot find your check-in and check-out dates or have any questions about your rental, contact the local property management company for the rental property directly.

Do you allow early check-ins or late check-outs?

The local management companies take care of your entire experience at the rental. To request different check-in and/or check-out times, contact the local management company for the rental property.

Can I book on behalf of a friend or family member?

If the rental is booked in your name, you have to be present at check-in and check-out and assume full responsibility for the rental as described in the rental agreement. If you have questions about booking for friends and family, contact the property management company for the rental property.

Will I get an invoice for my reservation?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation e-mail after booking that you can save or print for your records.

How do I make changes to my reservation?

We understand-sometimes things change. You can always contact the local management company for your rental property directly to make any changes to your reservation. You will find their contact information in the confirmation e-mail you received, but if you have not received a confirmation e-mail, please call 877-424-6423 or 855-849-1516 for support.

How can I cancel my reservation?

You must contact the management company for your rental property directly to cancel your reservation. Please understand that the refund policy varies by local management company.

How are security deposits handled?

Security deposits are defined by and handled through the local management company responsible for the rental property. You'll find details on each security deposit within each rental agreement, which is available at check-out.

What is the cancellation policy for my rental?

Cancellation policies are defined under the "policies" div on each rental property page.

How do I find the management company responsible for my rental?

The local management company is the expert about each rental and the local area. You can find their information on each property page just below the "description" on the check-out page under "reservation summary" and in your confirmation e-mail.

What if I can't get in contact with the management company?

You can call us toll free:(844) 448-7792

Why do I have to sign a rental agreement?

Many management companies require a rental agreement for all guests. Often this is a requirement for the state or local government for your protection. The rental agreement spell out your rights and key terms of your rental. If you have any questions about a term in the agreement, please reach out to the management company and they will be happy to assist you.